Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Courage Born

The untried road winds before me,
whispering a welcome in its dusty path.
Its possibilities seduce me
with deeds to defy most any map.
An untamed mountain might lie in waiting;
A dragon’s cave to be explored;
A peaceful lake for my perusal;
A rushing river that I must ford!

But do I dare to set my foot upon
this novel trek I do not know?
Do I dare to try the mountain
covered deep with unsound snow?
Do I dare to brave the cavern
with no promise of dragon hoard?
Do I dare to delve the lake and
brave the river’s charging course?

Ah, let me counter the whispered welcome
 with my own unsteady voice,
 and set my foot upon the unknown path
 however fateful is my choice.

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