Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Start of My Garden

Okay, I know it's been a few days since I've posted...alright already, almost 3 weeks.  I've been writing, I really have.  But my journalling the past few days has consisted of thoughts and dreams too private and/or fragile to post for all the world to see--if all the world were so inclined.

I started my garden today.  All it consists of now is a Bush Goliath tomato plant in a Topsy Turvy and several herbs in a strawberry pot. Oh, and a mint bush that a teacher at my former place of employ gave me when she thinned out her container garden.  But I have started and that's important.  So often I have dreams--small, medium and large--that I thoroughly envision and plan out in my head...but in my head is where they stay.  I am so crippled by my perfectionism and my instant-gratification mindset that I won't take a tiny step to get started because I want my dreams to manifest themselves fully formed and preferably RIGHT THIS INSTANT!  But today I took a step.  I DID something and the thought of that is making me smile right this instant.

I recently finished the book, Blue Like Jazz, by  Donald Miller.  He makes the statement, "What I believe is not what I say; what I believe is what I do."  I took a step today to DO what I believe--that it's important for me to know the food I eat, where it came from and what has or hasn't been added to it.  Right now this tiny baby step feels as monumental to me as Neil Armstrong stepping out onto the surface of the moon.  It is a manifestation of my desire to live more consciously.  To make the best choice for each moment instead of arduously planning for a future that may or may not come.  Wish me well...and may what I do truly reflect what I believe.


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